Directors and Executive

General Winai Phattiyakul
Chairman of the board / Chairman of audit committee / independent director

Pol.gen soontorn saikwan
vice chairman of the board / independent director

mr. pratana bongkojmas
director / audit committee member / nomination and remuneration committee / chairman of the risk management committee / independent director

Mr.Apichart Chirabandhu
Director / Audit Committee Member/ Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee/ Corporate Governance Committee / Independent Director

Ms. Suttirat Leeswadtrakul
Director who are authorized signatories of the company

Ms. Jureerat Lapanavanich
Director who are authorized signatories of the company / Executive Vice President of Accounting and Financial

Mr. Pravit Horungruang
Director who are authorized signatories of the company

Mr. Theerayuth Lertsirarungsun
Director who are authorized signatories of the company

Mr. Sophon Pholprasith

Mr. Vipoota Trakulhoon
Director / chairman of investment committee


Mr. Pravit Horungruang
Chief Executive Officer and President

Mrs. Nantaphat Thinprateep
Executive Director / Senior Executive Vice President of Supply Chian

Mr. Puchong Jungwilikasem
Senior Executive Vice President of Production

Mr. Thanee Loketkravee
Executive Director / Senior Executive Vice President of Sale and Marketing

Mr. Thirapong Khumruangrit
Senior Executive Director / Executive Vice President of CEO

Ms. Jureerat Lapanavanich
Executive Director / Executive Vice President of Accounting and Financial

Mr. Kasem Juntaboon
(Acting) Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resource and Administration

Audit Committee
No. Member of Audit committee Position
1 General Winai Phattiyakul Chairman of Audit Committee
2 Mr. Pratana Bongkojmas Audit Committee Member
3 Mr. Apichart Chirabandhu Audit Committee Member
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
No. Member of Nomination and remuneration Committee Position
1 Mr. Apichart Chirabandhu Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee
2 Mr. Pratana Bongkojmas Nomination and Remuneration Committee
3 Ms. Suttirat Leeswadtrakul Nomination and Remuneration Committee


Good Corporate Governance Committee
No. Member of  Corporate Governance Committee Position
1 Professor Pakdee Pothisiri Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee
2 Mr. Apichart Chirabandhu Corporate Governance Committee member
3 Ms. Suttirat Leeswadtrakul Corporate Governance Committee member
4 Mr. Jiruss Rianchaiwanich Corporate Governance Committee member
5 Mr. Pravit Horungruang Corporate Governance Committee member


Executive Committee
No. Member of  Executive Committee Position
1 Mr. Sittichai Leeswadtrakul Chairman of Executive Committee
2 Ms. Suttirat Leeswadtrakul Committee Member
3 Mrs. Phatnaree Thitiariyakul Committee Member
4 Mrs. Nathaphat Thianpratheep Committee Member
5 Mr. Taveechai Kittichanajaroen Committee Member
6 Ms. Jureerat Lapanavanich Committee Member
7 Mr. Theerayuth Lertsirarungsun  Committee Member
8 Mr. Thanee Loketkravee Committee Member
9 Mr. Jiruss Rianchaiwanich Committee Member
10 Mr. Pravit Horungruang Committee Member
11 Mr. Puchong Jungwilikasem Committee Member
12 Mr. Thirapong Khumruangrit Committee Member
Risk Management Committee
No. Member of Risk Management Committee Position
1 Mr. Pratana Bongkojmas Chairman of Risk Management Committee
2 Mrs. Nanthaphat Thianpratheep Committee Member
3 Mr. Phatnaree Thitiariyakul Committee Member
4 Mr. Samart Udomphan Committee Member
5 Mr. Jiruss Rianchaiwanich Committee Member
Investment Committees
No. Member of Investment Committee Position
1 Mr. Vipoota Trakulhoon Chairman of Investment Committee
2 Mr. Puchong Jungwilikasem Committee Member
3 Mr. Thirapong Khumruangrit Committee Member
4 Ms. Jureerat Lapanavanich Committee Member
5 Mr. Thanee Loketkravee Committee Member
6 Ms. Peeraya Potiprasart  Committee Member