Symbol MILL
Registration no. 0107550000076
Type of Business Production and distribution of steel bar, Deformed bar and Structural steel.
First Trade Date November 6, 2007
Address (Head Office) 9,11,13 9,11,13 Bangradee Soi 32, Banggradee Road, Samaredum, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok 10150, Thailand.
Common Stock
Authorized Capital 2,403,731,743.20 THB
Paid-up Capital 1,851,894,381.20 THB
Listed Share 4,629,735,953 Shares
Paid-up Stock 4,629,735,953 Shares
Preferred Stock
Authorized Capital
Paid-up Capital
Listed Share
Treasury Stock


MILLCON STEEL PLC. Major shareholders

(Update March 27, 2019)

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